They must have a tall stable for that high horse.

A heated debate kicked off on the Twitter last night after a resident of a leafy suburb in Dublin posted a letter that was placed on her car by a neighbour.

The letter is question was complaining that this resident had turned "Ailesbury Lawn into a play area"

The 'Annoyed Resident' goes on to accuse the parents of having no responsibility, and that children playing will 'affect the saleable value of the properties in the area' because nothing drops prices like happy kids.

And the quote we are getting a T-Shirt made with:

'This is not a working class area'

And if insulting the parents and the children wasn't enough they then reloaded their pen and shot straight at the culchies with this spectacular sign-off: 'you can take the man out of the bog but not the bog out of the man' 


So, when someone writes you a lovely letter you give them an appropriate response:

As you can imagine there was lots of responses to the letter:

Barry is on to something here:

And our own Ed Smith had a similar proposition: