The beard game is strong in these ones.

This will be a dream come true for any fans of Star Wars or Game Of Thrones.

The separate realms of Westeros and a Galaxy, Far, Far Away and due to collide when BOTH Luke Skywalker and Davos Seaworth attend this year's Saint Patrick's Festival.

Mark Hamill, who's great-granny hails from Kilkenny (makes sense when you look at the Cats using the force to win those All-Irelands) will be a guest of honour watching the parade with his new BFF Michael D.

Liam Cunningham is the Grand Marshall. So, presumably he'll be leading the parade with a big GOT sword pointing the way with his good hand!

Luke Skywalker and Davos Seaworth in the same realm.  

The beard game will be EPIC. 

And of course Luke will receive further Jedi training with the wise one...

Michael D. Yoda