Can you guess who she is?

Yesterday, the biggest girl band in the history of music announced they were reuniting for a comeback tour. The Spice Girls will play 6 dates in the UK next year, which you can read more about here

While we're all pretty excited for the girls to spice up our lives - it seems no one is moe excited than one of the most successful singers in the business - the one and only Adele.

The singer took to Instagram yesterday to express her sheer delight at the fact that the Spice Girls were getting back together. She even shared a throwback picture of her 11 year old self surrounded by Spice Girls posters.

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HA! This is how I feel right now! I AM READY ✌🏻

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Now that we know Victoria Beckham won't be joining the girls on tour, is it too much to dream Adele could be the new Posh Spice?