Prepare yourself...these are harsh.

Irish people can't take a compliment so it's heartening to know we can make an insult.

We're always ready with a put down...

We're the most creative insulters in the world, in fact if there was an Insult Olympics we'd be golden.

These are the Official Top 10 Most Cutting Irish Insults according to Fergal D'Arcy show listeners:

  1. Tighter than a camel's arse in a sandstorm

  2. I'd get up quicker on a Monday morning, (when someone isn't good looking!)

  3. I've seen salads better dressed than that!

  4. If I had a dog, with a face like that, I'd shave his arse, and teach him to walk backwards!!!

  5. They didn't get hit with the ugly stick, they hit every branch falling out of the ugly tree before landing on their face!

  6. I wouldn't ride ‘em into battle. .. (one of my neighbours said it last week and I fell about laughing!!)

  7. If they had bucked teeth…Jaysus yer man could eat an apple through a letter box!

  8. They’re so lazy if work was in bed he'd sleep on the floor

  9. If they were a bar of chocolate they'd eat themselves....(someone who loves themselves!)

  10. So manky even Cillit Bang wouldn't shift them!