Free yourselves with the truth!

Here are the Top Ten Myths debunked by Fergal D'Arcy listeners:



If go swimming within the hour after eating, you won't suddenly develop a stitch, sink and drown. It's just a convenient lie parents use so they can finish lunch in peace and nobody pukes in the pool! 


Goldfish actually have more than a 3 second memory!!


Coffee is made from beans. It’s actually made from the seed!


I only found out last year that raisins are dried grapes.....I had no idea of this for 29 years!!


It’s a myth that u can't train an old dog new tricks. U can train your dog anything at any age the owner just has to put the work in. Puppies are easier to train because they have no bad habits to break.


I genuinely thought that daddy long legs were deadly for years...I used to run away from them! No I've learnt apparently they don't have big enough mouths to break your skin...happy days! 


Ferg the biggest myth that you are told is that you can see the great wall of China from space. Not true.


'Penguins mate for life'. Not all of them Ferg! Some of them flippers are out there riding away in the snow! 


Marie Antoinette never said, 'Let them eat cake.' One of the greatest misquotes in history.


'Alcohol Kills Brain Cells.' While it's certainly not a health food, alcohol does not necessarily kill brain cells!