From Ice Cube Necklaces to Homemade Convertible Cars

This is your alternative list to get you through the fast-approaching onslaught of heat!

10. Pillow in the fridge.

This is pretty basic but does exactly what it says on the tin and you'll keep a cool head.

9. Homemade Convertible

Have you a mate with an angle-grinder you could borrow? If so, get on this now! Just look at the amazing results. Imagine the breeze in you face and the hair blowing as you cruise on that coastal road.

8. Put Your Face out The Window

Okay, you can't face the angle grinder. Don't worry. Just get yourself and a friend or partner to drive around while you each take turns to put your heads out the window.

Have dogs ever been wrong? No.

7. The Solar Cap

This one is only for the super cool fashion conscious people out there. Just imagine how awesome you'll look on public transport while everyone else drips on their Kindles.

Or you could make your own:

6. Buy An Ice Vest 

Check this bad boy out. Just fill each cube like you would a tray and then jam it into the freezer,. Don't worry about having no space. Throw all your frozen food'll be too tired from the heat to eat. And the great thing is, it's barely noticeable.

5. Ice Cube Necklace

If the vest doesn't do it for you then surely this will.

Just grab a pair of nylons and some ice cube squares then fill them with water, stick in the freezer and behold summer's greatest and "cool" accessory:

Alternatively, get an old necklace and jam the ice cubes on to it. Just imagine the jealous looks you'll get when this lot starts melting down your chest.

4. Homemade Swimming Pool 

If you have a load of bales hanging around in the living room and some tarps that need utilising then this is a cinch.  Check out these cool feens in Cork...

3. Make Your Own Water Park 

If you want to flaunt every health & safety rule imaginable and have some plant machinery then make your own water park. Just look at these boys in Offaly. 

2. Set Up Your Own Nudist Camp

Ireland's only official nudist beach was revealed earlier this year. What better way to bate the hate than freerobing? But if you're not near Hawk Cliff in South Dublin, then do it yourself. And get this, as long as you wear white socks and sandals it's completely legal.

Okay, so someone is telling me that's illegal. Erm.... next.

1. Dig Your Own Hole

When have The Chemical Brothers ever been wrong? If you don't have a five inch tongue to help regulate your temperature don't worry you can still follow a dog's lead. Many animals including dogs dig holes to only to melt your head and wreck the garden but to keep cool.

Just bring a shovel everywhere and dig when the sweats get too much. Sorted.