He came out on top of a survey of over 2,000 people.

A recent poll carried out has determined the best the human race has to offer. The poll was carried out by FOX to mark the return of the television series The Giifted. 2,000 people were asked who they thought the ultimate human was and the are the results:

1. Usain Bolt

2. Mo Farrah

3. David Attenborough  

4. Roger Federer

5. Serena Williams

6. Michael Phelps

7. Jessica Ennis-Hill

8. Arnold Schwarzenegger

9. Lionel Messi

10. JK Rowling

The poll was carried out by Professor of Physiology and former Olympian Greg Whyte and from the results of the poll he was able to build the ultimate superhuman. He worked with digital illustrator Chris Hart and used the results of his analysis to build a biological structure that takes into account everything from brain processing time, to physical attributes and motor functions.

The ultimate superhuman would have Usain Bolt's legs, Steve Redgrave's lungs, Lennox Lewis' neck and Chris Froome's heart.