These bags are worth some serious cash

From the sounds of things, the best part about winning an Oscar is not the gold statue, the recognition of your incredible work from your peers, or the bump in pay you're bound to get.

No - the best thing about winning an Oscar is the Goody Bag you get, which contains some serious swag.

All nominees get an 'Everyone Wins' bag, which are delivered to the Oscar host and all nominees in the Best Actor, Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Actress and Best Director categories in the week leading up to the awards ceremony.

Brace yourself, the bag is said to be worth over six-figures, and this year Wexford jewellery designer Aine Breen was asked to contribute some of her stunning pieces for the bags.

Which is how Liwu Jewellery, inspired by Celtic Irish design, ended up in the homes of Saoirse Ronan, Meryl Streep, Greta Gerwig and Margo Robbie.

Not too shabby!

Áine joined Dermot and Dave for a chat about her business venture - you can catch it here