Here is something we spotted that really surprised us.

Reddit user TheBloodyMummers posted this really interesting series of pictures taken on Google Street view. The subject is New Street in Waterford City.

In a country where housing is new at crisis point it's overwhelming to see how this entire street of house was knocked down in 2009, regenerated in 2014 (see below) but now in 2017-18 it is left to rot in a NAMA'd mess..

As pointed out by one Redditor, "good thinking, knock down the houses so the homeless have more scrub to pitch their tents on." 

Spot on.




One of the saddest things is that this was also part of a regeneration project back in 2014.

A really hopeful video was shared with locals attempting to make a useful space for all the community to use.

It looks like the project was in full flow and near completion:

However there hasn't been an update since 2017.


New Street, Waterford