Including skeletons, tills and A LOT of memes

Ferg did a bit of a social experiment on the show today.

He asked you to WhatsApp him in the most recent image on your camera roll. 

Here's his - a sunny selfie of Ed Smith, who's on his hollibops:

And here are some of yours (the PG ones): 

"Was talking about tattoos with a mate and he sends me this tattoo of Adam Lallana as a llama! Bertie"

"My dad flying home from Edinburgh after visiting my sister. Luke"

"A mate of mine sends me about ten things like this a day! Chris"

"I'm looking for a new toilet seat!"

"Gym gloves. Getting holiday fit!"

"Trying to fix a till belt in Lidl"

"My son going to a water fight at cub scouts last night. Aileen"

"Mine is of you fergal rocking some tunes at kodaline live at the marquee last week. Linda in skibbereen"

"Eh, I think it's about that one friend that is always cold... darren in Finglas"

"Some coaster set I made for a prize. david"

"Milky Moos! The perks of work meetings at the Absolute Hotel in Limerick. I sent it to a friend who couldn't attend the meeting but who always fights with me for the black ones".

"I was bored in work..."

Some were funnier without an explanation...

And finally, our winner was Eric who sent in the most random image of all!

"Just finished an advance paramedic project in UCD. Eric in the Defence Forces"