Things Got Pretty Heated During This Debate!

Let's face it Christmas time is expensive and if you are a creative human with a knack for arts and crafts why shouldn't you be able to take advantage of your talants?

On Today's up the poll we asked how you feel about homemade gifts for Christmas, and we had a clear winner. 

Many people felt that it's the mthought that counts, but others did not feel the same way.  

There were many mixed opinions rather or not this was acceptable, and some very valid points were made. 

"I wouldn't NOT appreciate it... but I think they should establish the fact.. if my boyfriend made me a gift and I spent 100 euro on him, I probably wouldn't appreciate it." - Ruth

"Yes absolutely to the homemade pressies Muireann! We did this in my family many years back. I had often made presents that we're gratefully received. One year all the siblings (6 of us) decided we could only give a gift we had made ourselves! My brother made me the most amazing candle holders he had made from beer can bottoms and twisted wire painted black. He had put lots of work in and I loved them. Much more special than anything he could have bought!" - Lynne, Cavan.

"Yes - baked goods are always welcome if the person is in any way a decent baker. My sister’s boyfriend made us personalised wooden decorations for our tree last year and they’re much nicer than some of other plastic tat people got us."

"I think home made gifts are great if both people are making them ! That way no one is cross they've spent money and the other hasn't." - Kathriona

"It’s only acceptable to make a gift if you’re a fine Jewelry Maker that works from the converted Shed at home." - Colm

"Muireann, my hubby and I don’t do Christmas presents anymore because it causes so much stress and hassle and end up with something unwanted so instead, we book a weekend away around jan/Feb." - Sharon 

"Nooo to home made present for boyfriend its not acceptable... Unless is a book of vouchers for naughty favours he'll love it than."

"I think the homemade gift is a wonderful, thoughtful thing that will be absolutely loved IF IT ACCOMPANIES a gift that comes in a shiny box probably featuring a globally-recognizable logo."

"I got a cardboard box to put cds in one year from the wife’s sister - worst present ever." Dave, Belfast

"No Muirrean it isn’t & neither is the donation of a goat in my name to some charity. As it’s the season of good Will I’ll remain anonymous - but ye know who ye are!"