You play it agin, and agin.

We've already gone hard at 'Pintman: Street Fighter'

An amazing piece of work, but unfortunately it's only a video.

Now, a genius called Simon D'Arcy (no relation) has created an ACTUAL Pintman game you can play yourself.

Forget 'Fortnite' this is the game that will capture the world's imagination for 2018.

It's a similar set up to the original video platform game Super Mario Bros. If you imagine Super Paddy as Super Mario and each pint like a mushroom with Paddy plumbing for pints then you get the idea.


You start off hunting for pints.

Every pint is a point. 

There's even the addition of "crips" and "paynuts" for added scores.

All you have to do is click HERE 

Spacebar is all you need, so you can even play it if you've consumed 45 pints.