There's a font for that.

If you've ever attempted to write the greatest song ever, or a poem about your guinea pig or even a letter of complaint about the noisy pipes in your next door neighbour's house and you've thought what would David Bowie say?

Or you feel you could be more inspired in a work email if you could write like Kurt.

Then this is for you.

The Songwriters Font Project allows you to download a font in the style of the handwriting of some of music's greatest icons.

For example here's Kurt Cobain:

Here is David Bowie:

Also featured are John Lennon, Serge Gainsbourg, and Leonard Cohen.

They took handwritten personal letters, manuscripts, lyric sheets etc. to find the style and created a font that makes it look like it was written by them.

Is that really cool or just weird?

No word from The Project yet on The Scatman. We wait in hope.

You can download all the fonts here