Pauline O'Reilly is homeschooling her two kids

Pauline O'Reilly is a mother of two and when her son Finn was three years old, he decided he didn't want to go to school.

After a lot of stress and upset, Pauline's solution was to take her child's education into her own hands and began homeschooling him until he was 7. 

Now, Finn is 8 and his sister Caragh is 5 and they both are homeschooled. 

Pauline practises what is known as 'unschooling' where they have a weekly routine rather than a strict regime of day to day curriculum. 

They have no set wake up time, they get up when they want and then continue learning what they started the day previous.

Pauline and her children don't follow a strict curriculum and rather they do things that interest them and excited them. 

This morning, Pauline spoke to Anton about the rationale behind her decision and the benefits she has found from spending more time with her children. 

Pauline is also the chairperson of the Home Education Network and if you need more information you can check their website for more information.