The singer opened up about what made her suicidal

Sinead O'Connor has appeared on a Dr Phil Show special episode.

The two met in front of the cameras to discuss Sinead's recent struggles with her mental health, specifically a recent video the singer posted to Facebook where she was visibly upset and was openly fighting her demons.

During the interview Sinead spoke about having a hysterectomy, the effects that the procedure had on her mental health and the trauma it caused.

Sinead then discussed her relationship with her mother, who she claims abused her as a child.

The singer also revealed why she keeps her hair cut short saying, 'I didn't want to be raped, I did not want to be molested. I did not want to dress like a girl, I did not want to be pretty.'

However it wasn't all difficult to watch, Dr Phil managed to make Sinead smile with some very uplifting news.

Here's hoping Sinead is back behind the microphone with many more smiles like this for years to come.