They've also won €2,000 to invest back into their village!

We teamed up with Bord na Móna to find everyday Sustainability Heroes around the country.

A sustainable hero is very simply someone who does their bit to minimise their impact on the planet by the way they consume energy, dispose of waste or design clever initiatives to make the most of the natural world around them.

We are very excited to announce that Dermot & Dave are headed to Crosshaven AFC in Cork on Tuesday October 3rd for a very special broadcast from the Bord na Móna Naturally Driven Cafe.

Also a very special hello to John Duggan who entered the competition on behalf of Crosshaven AFC as he welcomed baby Zara Anna Duggan to the world on Wednesday 13th Sept!

He announced it as two great announcements - the birth of his child and Dermot & Dave bringing the Bord na Móna Naturally Driven Cafe to Crosshaven!