There IS need to be afraid...

What's going on at all lads?? The whole of the EU is up in a heap over this Brexit debacle, negotiation levels are gone through the roof, and it's looking like the north and the south of the country are going to be split even further. 

So many songs spring to mind, like Katy Parry's Hot 'n' Cold, The Clash's Should I Stay or Should I Go, and with Christmas here, and the people of the world needing a miracle, Band Aid's 1984 tune has been called into action.

This morning we got a tip off that something big was happening at a destination unknown, so we gave our roving reporter, Tommy Gorman a call to get the full scoop.

Forget Bono, Boy George, Sara Dallin and Sting, for Leo, Theresa, Boris, Gerry, Paschal and Michael D are the new supergroup in town....

"Can't you do the Brexit vote agaaaaaaain..."

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