We all have 'that' one song...

Every Tuesday, we dedicate this segment to the songs that bring you right back to a very specific time in your life - first love, exams, moving out from home, backpacking around the world, nights out, nights in, going to college, bad jobs, falling in love, falling out of love, weddings and babies.

For coming on the show and sharing your Milestone Music Moment, we'll send you a lovely momento of your story. You will receive all the elements of the tale - the date, lyrics of the song and more, all on a beautifully finished poster for you to treasure.

This week's Milestone was brought to us by Aideen McCarthy from Cork, with a recent earworm track which transports her back to a big life decision she made in 2016. 

She had just broken up with her boyfriend and said that she needed to do something different, so she booked a bit of a holiday for herself...a four month holiday, which proved to be exactly what the doctor ordered. 

Her song is 'Closer' by The Chainsmokers, and it served as her travel anthem across the globe.

Great stuff Aideen, that's what life is all about!

You can listen to the fun in full by clicking 'play' in the headline image above.

If you've a milestone of your own, we'd love to hear all about it. Email your story to breakfast@todayfm.com