Petmania roll out their 'Operation TransPAWmation' initiative...

Did you know that approximately 1 in 3 Irish dogs, and 40% of cats are obese? It's a startling fact - isn't it?

Well the gang over at Petmania have launched their 'Operation TranPAWmation' campaign for it's second year and they want to help you and your beloved animal out.

Marketing Manager for Petmania, Emily Miller called into us this morning to tell us all about the idea, and help our listeners at home.

Operation TransPAWmation is a free service available in Petmanias nationwide where you can call to see a certified weight management advisor. Pets will be examined and a prevention/recovery plan put in place for a healthier cat/dog/bunny/croc etc. 

Emily chatted to Dermot and Dave about the most common causes of pet obesity and how pet owners can avert the situation from happening in the first place. She also spoke of diets, exercise and how easy it is to make the simple changes.

Remember everyone - it's NOT the animal's fault. 

You can listen to the interview in full by clicking on the play button in the image above the headline.

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