It's like something from the movies...

We've all been there - a night out, you're having a laugh with your crew and you meet someone you like. Normally, you try to have the craic with them, lay the foundations, go in for a bit of a kiss, and most importantly - you get digits!!!

Well our listener Chris Coleman followed those steps to a 't', all except the last one. He'd had a few bevvies on Saturday night so failed to get her number. In fact, his memory has turned to amnesia as he can only recall a few bits about the lady in question.

Her name is Catriona, she's 5ft 6", beautiful, and was on a Hen party. He met her in The Prince Bar, Athlone, but that's as far as it goes.

Now we all know Ireland is a small place, so there has to be a good few people out there who can help him join the dots.

Were you in Athlone at the weekend? Do you have a pal called Catriona who was on a Hen? Or maybe a female friend was telling you about a great guy she met in The Prince Bar?

If you have any info, you can WhatsApp us on 087-4100-102 

We gave Chris a call on this morning's show to hear all about the one that got away (for now).

You can listen to the story in full by clicking the play button in the image above the headline. 

We'll leave no stone unturned buddy...