The roads are

The quote above is from Damien Moran who is the editor of the Offaly Express, and he means every word of it.

On this morning's show, Dermot and Dave gave Damien a call to find out just how bad the roads in the county are, as they have been doing some research of late and the results are ridiculous. 

Damien and his colleague Justin put out the call to the people of Offaly and have since been recording and video documenting their findings. 

Inhabitants are not happy with the conditions (to say the least) and wonder how the council are getting away with this negligence for so long. Surely they are responsible and must pay compensation for any accidents? Or do they?

Damien filled us in (excuse the pun) on what's been going on...

You can listen to the story in full by clicking the play button in the image above the headline.