Who taught us his amazing 3 minute meditation method, and a 16 second version for the people tight on time...

Oh my Lord...what a voice!!

davidji is an internationally recognised stress-management expert, corporate trainer, meditation teacher, and author of the critically acclaimed and Amazon #1 Bestseller, destressifying: The Real-World Guide To Personal Empowerment, Lasting Fulfillment, And Peace Of Mind

On this morning's show, Dermot and Dave were honoured to have davidji live in studio to pass on his knowledge to us all. 

Years ago, our guest was a high-flying businessman on Wall Street, but that all changed one serendipitous day as a homeless man grabbed him by the leg of his trousers and said "What's gonna be on your tombstone?".

davidji is over in Ireland for an event he is hosting in Dublin this weekend, so the lads took the chance to ask him what meditation is all about. Can we train/practice it like a sport in order to develop it? What benefits does it have for your physical health? And is it a tool available to everyone out there?

He also explained the term 'Beditation', and enlightened us on a phrase he uses quite a lot, "Comfort is Queen". 

You can listen to the chat in full by pressing play in the image above the headline, where you will also find his three minute, and 16 second meditation methods.