But would you get it done?

Cosmetics are old news now really, as treatments and surgeries have been happening for decades, but in more recent times there has been a rise in younger people seeking non-invasive procedures.

Surely one doesn't need artificial enhancements in their twenties? We thought it was a lot more common in older generations, but Dr. Altona Myers (of the Facial Rejuvination Clinic in Stillorgin) helped open our eyes on this morning's show.

Dr. Altona chatted to Dermot and Dave about the various treatments available, and what her clients are seeking most. It's not just the ladies though, as she has seen a big change in the volume of men seeking alterations to their appearance too. 

But is natural a better way to go? Why tamper with genetics?

It's a world of reshaping, 'Vampire facials' and dermal fillers...as our expert discussed.

You can listen to their chat in full by pressing play in the image above the headline at the top of the page.