They have expressed concern about what impact it would have on those with disabilities

Two Catholic bishops have warned that if the Eighth Amendment is repealed, it could lead to the introduction of euthanasia and eugenics to Ireland.

Bishop Denis Nulty and Bishop John Buckley have both spoken out against abortion, with concerns raised about the impact it would have on people with disabilities.

Sinead Slattery of the Pro-Life campaign says she agrees with some of the points that have been made.

"In my view we are sleepwalking our way into a culture of eugenics when you look at what happens in other countries. You do have trends in abortion cultures and it would be naive of us to think that we would be any different."

"With the Eighth Amendment every child is given the opportunity to live, and while a doctor can give a diagnosis of what a child has, they can't give a diagnosis of who they are."

Gerry Edwards of Together For Yes says he is "very disappointed" with the bishops' comments.

"I think these comments about eugenics are deflecting from the real harm the Eighth Amendment is doing to women in Ireland today. We need to move away from the Ireland of shaming and talk about providing the care and compassion that women who find themselves in these circumstances need."

"In relation to the issue of disability, it's really pertinent to note that the legislation that's being proposed specifically excludes termination in cases of non-fatal disabilities."

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