Noel Hogan From The Cranberries Chats To Muireann

Noel talks about the special edition release of the 25th anniversary edition of their debut album 'everybody else is doing it so why can’t we' - Produced by the original man involved with the first release; Stephen Street.

It also features never before heard songs recorded by Dolores before her untimely death and Noel describes just how strange and difficult it has been since.

Noel also chats about the early years "we were soon grounded coming home, sure we were all still living at home",

Getting signed, "America is where we just took off, in Europe we bombed"

Coming home famous: "it was so weird we were the most surprised!"

And Dolores, "We know this album is what she would have wanted"

Noel will be alongside Stephen Street chatting about the album at VINYL Festival on Saturday May 5th at the Royal Hospital Kilmainham. See more here


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