Immersive media experiences that are changing the world

Technology never ceases to amaze us nowadays. The children of today are being brought up with the sincere message and feeling of 'anything is possible', and after hearing Alan Haverty and Niall Campion on this morning's show we're all aboard the VR Express.

Alan and Niall are Director and Creative Director of the company VRAI (Virtual Reality Artificial Intelligence) where they create reality and mixed-media content for innovative brands and organisations. 

The lads called into Dermot and Dave to chat about the their background and how exactly they ended up forming the enterprise a little over a year ago.

It's a story of luck, the willingness to expand your skill set and the ability to predict future trends, which has resulted in their business being a huge help in Mogadishu where it saves lives daily. 

Their 'real-feel' product has endless possibilities and we're sure that we'll all be hearing lots more about VRAI in the coming years. 

Dave got to test out the experience himself and it was seriously intense.

You can listen to the chat in full by pressing play in the image above the headline at the top of the page.