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Derren Brown Is Ready To Put Dublin Under His Spell

The first of his Gaeity Theatre shows kicks off tonight

'Magic' isn't for everyone, we know that, but back in 2000 an unknown mentalist and illusionist by the name of Derren Brown came on to the scene and changed a lot of sceptic's minds. 

His first TV show Derren Brown:Mind Control  baffled people across the world and in the 18 years since that he has executed some mind-boggling experiments. 

Derren is back in Dublin (a city he loves) for his new show The Best Of Derren Brown UNDERGROUND, which runs from this evening until Saturday. 

Dermot and Dave gave him a call to find out more about UNDERGROUND and chat about some of the crazy things he (and his audiences) have experienced over the years.

Dave had his own theory about one of Derren's techniques. But was he correct? 

He also has a bizarre collection with one very peculiar piece.

We're massive fans of his work and reckon it's worth your while going to see him in action. Seeing is believing. You can check out tickets here. But don't be late...

You can listen to the chat in full by pressing play in the image above the headline at the top of the page. 

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Dermot and Dave - Derren Brown Is Ready To Put Dublin Under His Spell

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