Backstreet's back with a brand new track

Ahh lads, quit playing games with Dave's heart. 

As you may, or may not know, Dave Moore is a MASSIVE pop fan who devours poppy cheese for breakfast. 

On this morning's Dermot and Dave, one of Dave's dreams came true as he got to talk to one fifth of possibly the biggest boyband in the world. 

Howie D was on the line to chat about the Backstreet Boys' brand new track 'Don't Go Breaking My Heart' which only came out yesterday. 

Here it is...

Incredibly, the band are celebrating their 25th anniversary, ya, 25 YEARS!!! Madness. 

With such a remarkable career over the past two and a half decades, Howie chatted about their very first gig, their annual cruises, what it's like to have a residency in Vegas and what their new song is all about.

Ohh...and Dermot even got to say a few words too.

Seeing the lads back on the scene is amazing for Everybody (yeahhh)...

You can listen to the interview in full by pressing play in the image above the headline at the top of the page.