Whopper version of current single 'Choices'

It's no secret that we love the boys from Chasing Abbey, it's only 18 months since Ro sent a copy of 'That Good Thing' to the show. Since then they have worked tirelessly, touring and crafting their brilliant pop sounds. The lads have even set up their own company called Penthouse Productions in Tullamore. 

Penthouse Productions is a studio facility which has been set up to help other musicians record and create new music, so that they don't have to travel. So whilst the trio are busy becoming pop stars, they are giving back to their home county too. 


You can listen to Louise chatting with Ro, Bee and Teddy C by clicking the link above. It was a proper catch up with old friends at this stage! Plus they recorded a very special version of latest single 'Choices' too. 

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