And it's the worst feeling ever!

On the law of averages this has happened to you at some stage in your life. If not you, then you defo have a pal who has unfortunately (and hilariously) sent a message to a person it was never destined for. 

If you're cringing right now, with that gut-wrenching feeling and the nauseating moment flashing through your head - you know exactly what I'm talking about.

On this morning's Dermot and Dave, the lads got a WhatsApp in to 087-4100-102 (it was meant for them) describing an instance such as this. 

Stephen in Dublin was messing about on his phone with his son as they were just about to text his football coach when Stevie boy took his eye off the ball and the message was sent. But what did it say?

The lads gave him a call to hear the story in full and it was definitely one of those 'no going back' moments. 

It seems he wasn't alone though, as our textline exploded, opening a Pandora's box of messaging nightmares. 

The worst is when you send a message about a person TO the person...absolute torture. 

Shauna O'Reilly of The Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show had this one for us... #EveryCloud

Dermot has his own incredible tale of the lengths he went to in order to prevent one of his bloopers from being read, and Cormac was on the phone to tell us the howler he sent his boss. 

Lots more stories in there too. All awful...beautifully awful.

You can listen to the fun in full by pressing the play button in the image at the top of the page.