He gives his thoughts on Brexit

David Puttnam is an Oscar-winning film producer whose work includes Chariots of Fire. He is also a member of the House of Lords, and he spoke to us about his thoughts on Brexit and how Britain has changed over the years.

"My own instinct is that Theresa May is playing the only card she has, which is moving slowly towards the softest Brexit she can manage. She's being held hostage by her own party."

"This is really an internal punch-up within the Conservative party which the rest of the country has been dragged into."

Having lived in Ireland for much of the last 30 years, Puttnam says he will more than likely take out Irish citizenship. He says the reason he has resisted doing so until now is because "it complicates my relationship with parliament in the UK, but frankly that’s a diminishing return."

He feels that the recent referendum shows Ireland has "pushed the 21st century button – they want to be a modern nation."

"The British are far more schizophrenic about this. Part of them would like to be modern and part of them is rushing back to the security of the past."

Puttnam believes Britain is regressing into something "insular and unpleasant", which he says is tragic.

"I think what we’ve got at the moment is a kind of 'back to the future' exuberance. It’s not that dissimilar to what’s happening in the United States with Donald Trump."

"The British are not very good at addressing questions about their own past. I think that healthy nations are able to do that and move on. Britain in a sense is still clinging to an imperial past."

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