Boris Johnson has resigned as foreign secretary

In a dramatic day for British politics, Boris Johnson has resigned as foreign secretary over Theresa May's Brexit plans.

He has become the second cabinet member to do so in the last 24 hours, after David Davis quit as Brexit secretary yesterday.

How will things impact on us here in Ireland?

Senator Neal Richmond, chairman of the Seanad's Brexit Committee doesn't think it changes things very much from an Irish perspective.

"We will negotiate with the British government. It doesn't really matter who the Prime Minister is or who the foreign secretary is - we can only control the controllables, and that's preparing Ireland for Brexit, whatever it may look like, and making sure we maintain that absolute solidarity between 27 different EU member states."

Lisa Chambers, Fianna Fáil's Brexit spokesperson, says: "It's not really for the Irish government to deal with what's happening in Britain."

"I think the possibility of a 'no deal' Brexit is increasing, and we need to step up our own preparations domestically. That is one area where the Irish government does have control."

Gay Mitchell of Fine Gael doesn't see the Tory leadership going to either Boris Johnson or Jacob Rees-Mogg if Theresa May were to resign.

"She is their best hope and she is made of sterner stuff than people think. I don't think that anyone would take the risk of handing the leadership of the Tory party to either of them."

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