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Gift Grub - The Hosepipe Hotline #WaterWasters

The Irish Water Confidential Informant Line is flooded with callers

This heatwave has caused all kinds of crazy over the past few weeks. 

The beaches and inlets of Ireland looking like the Amalfi Coast, drought, water restrictions and it actually feeling like summer. Madness!

One of the most peculiar things is Irish Water's 'hosepipe report line'. Imagine, there's a 'service' where people can call in to rat out anyone misusing our beloved uisce. 

Initially, we thought it was just a hoax; that the authorities were just calling our bluff in hope we'd be too afraid to use our hoses. But we found out the hard truth on this morning's Gift Grub.

We received some audio from our insider over in Irish Water, and they mean business!

The Gardaí are even called into action.

You can listen to the fun in full by pressing the play button in the image at the top of the page.

For more Gift Grub, tune into The Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show weekday mornings from 7am.


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The Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show - Gift Grub - The Hosepipe Hotline #WaterWasters

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