Piers Morgan has challenged Sadiq Khan on his decision to give the protest the green light

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan recently gave the go ahead for a balloon depicting Donald Trump as a giant, orange baby to be flown by protestors during the US President's visit to Britain.

Piers Morgan is not happy about the decision, and he challenged Khan on Good Morning Britain, questioning whether it would jeopardise a potential trade deal with the United States.

He also asked Khan if he would have allowed a similar stunt to take place during a state visit by Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.

Khan defended people's right to protest, saying it was not for him to decide what is in good taste.

Ahead of his visit, Trump has also made controversial remarks concerning the "turmoil" Britain is currently in and his close relationship with Boris Johnson, who resigned from his position as foreign secretary yesterday. 

Cal Thomas and Marion McKeone discussed this issue and more in our US slot.

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