It's all about faith in your 'Buyers Agent'

Buying a house can be a funny old game. You've to juggle location with spec. and then there's the little matter of price.

Even if you do find something that ticks all the boxes and the price seems reasonable, you'll still more than likely end up in a bidding war where the cost will push your budget to the limits.

It's hard enough if you live in the country but imagine living abroad? You would think it'd be a logistical nightmare, however, with the help of a 'Buyers Agent' it can be a piece of cake - as this American couple found out.

John and Patricia Purrell live in Pasadena, California, and for the past 6 years they have been looking to move overseas. 

They've looked at several European countries but after two vacations to Ireland they have decided this is the place for them (Skerries in Dublin, to be exact). 

On this morning's Dermot and Dave, Joe Donnelly (who's covering for the lads this week) rang John and 'Pattie' to find out all about the process, why they chose Skerries and ask them why they took the gamble.

The first time they'll see the house in person is the day they move in. Brave move? Or genius?

If you're overseas or know someone who doesn't have time to go house hunting, check out where a buying agent could help you find your dream home.

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