He says they are often not rostered when they are needed

Leo Varadkar has suggested that public servants, such as Gardaí and hospital consultants, may have to work anti-social hours for the good of society.

He made the comments in the Dáil yesterday, saying that workers are "often not rostered when they are needed."

Christina Finn, political correspondent with thejournal.ie, says: "Going into the summer, he seems to be giving public servants a hint about some of his priorities come the autumn."

Anthony O'Connor, Consultant Gastroenterologist at Tallaght Hospital, thinks changes could be a good thing.

"Consultants work as part of teams, so I personally would welcome a look at broadening the hours of access."

"I think it would be a really good thing for patients and I think it would suit staff, particularly in my own situation with two working parents in my family."

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