Emmy-Nominated TV Producer Shauna Keogh Has Created A New Clothing Line

Shauna Keogh is about to embark on a very exciting chapter of her career, with the creation of her very own fashion label - '5428'.

The inspiration behind the name comes from 5428 standing for 'LGBT' numerically on your keypad.

Before going global (and on ASOS), the 5428 range will be available to buy exclusively in Street 66 in Dublin's Temple Bar and online at 5428apparel.com.

"Gay Pride had come around and its an amazingly brilliant time, but its heavily branded with rainbows. And as much fun as the colours are, its not reflective of me on a daily basis. So I decided to create a t-shirt line that we could wear with a subtle message, that you don't have to be gay to wear it. Its for everyone!"

Before her fashion label Shauna achieved Emmy-nominated success with the series Too Fat For Fifteen.

Her career allowed her to work on incredible shows like Teenage Vampires and The Real 40 Year Old Virgin.

She even lived with Katie Price and Peter Andre for three years in the height of their 'I'm A Celebrity' fame!

Shauna Keogh popped in for a chat with Alison Curtis on Weekend Breakfast, you can catch it in full by pressing the play button on the image at the top of the screen