"I was able to rebound quite quickly from harrowing events in my career"

Sean Cavanagh has had a successful sporting career, as a three-time All-Ireland winner with Tyrone.

He has now published his autobiography The Obsession.

With this book, Sean says he "didn't want to replicate games as much as I wanted to speak about my emotions and feelings."

He thinks it's a cultural thing in Ireland not to speak about your emotions. "The book was a great opportunity to speak as honestly as I possibly can. At times it's self-critical."

Sean tells one story involving a game against Cavan the year after his first All-Ireland win in 2003, in which an opponent spat in his face and bit him. At half-time, he went into the dressing room and broke down crying.

He says he was "really badly shaken", but that he was "able to rebound quite quickly from harrowing events in my career."

Sean also details the character of the Tyrone team at the time: "The terms used in our dressing room would have been 'losing is not an option' and 'win at all costs'."

He admits he took defeats very personally due to his increasing desperation to win. He describes another incident which occurred after Tyrone lost the 2016 quarter-final to Mayo, where he wandered the streets and fields aimlessly in his kit for 15 hours, with no one knowing where he was.

Although he doesn't believe he was a danger to himself or to anyone else, he admits it "wasn't rational behaviour."

"I hope that story alone will help others."

Sean suffered concussions during his football career, and he now thinks these may have been a factor in his state of mind at the time.

He spoke to Matt on The Last Word about the book and how he's now coping with retirement.

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