Sinead O'Shea talks about her remarkable new documentary

We tend to think of things in Northern Ireland being more settled than they used to be during the Troubles.

However, a remarkable new documentary film opening in cinemas tomorrow tells a story of paramilitary activity at a time of peace.

A Mother Brings Her Son To Be Shot is directed by Sinead O'Shea. It describes the circumstances that led to Derry woman Majella O'Donnell bringing her teenage son, Philly, to be shot in both legs by dissident republicans in 2012.

Philly had been accused of drug dealing and was displaying threatening behaviour towards his mother. His older brother was about to be sentenced, also for drug dealing, and his father was in prison.

Sinead O'Shea spent five years bringing the documentary to the big screen. She had originally intended to make a short current affairs film, but soon realised that the story was much bigger than that.

Sinead spoke to us about the film and how it depicts a community that has been "overlooked by the rest of the world."

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