What he really thinks of Irish politicians, the presidency race and his new book...

The Last Word's Matt Cooper is known for his straight-talking approach and when our listeners got the chance to quiz him about anything they wanted to, he stayed true to his ethos.

He was asked questions like, 'What do you do with difficult guests?' to which he replied, "I have to suppress my anger at times" and when it came to Irish politicians he firmly believes that "a lot of them dumb it down" and that "sometimes they are actually much more astute and aware and articulate off air rather than on air".

The broadcaster states that Trump is "the most interesting president we've had in a long time" but wouldn't be his biggest fan.

He also gives his take on the housing crisis, surprises us with his favourite bands, replies to the question, 'Did you ever go on the lash with Denis Rodman?' and gives us some insight into his new book which focuses solely on Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary, "he's almost half man half airplane at this stage".

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