She made her pitch under the name 'Bunty Twuntingdon-McFuff'

It was confirmed today that Gavin Duffy has secured nominations from four councils, which make him an official candidate for the presidency.

He'll join Sean Gallagher, Joan Freeman and Michael D Higgins on the ballot paper, with a Sinn Féin candidate yet to be announced.

But the biggest source of interest this week was undoubtedly Norma Burke, who delivered a satirical five-minute pitch yesterday on why she should be nominated for the presidency, under the name 'Bunty Twuntingdon-McFuff'.

In her speech, she proposed the idea of a reality TV show set in the Áras and the creation of a hunting lodge and spa.

Dublin City Council subsequently decided not to endorse any candidate.

Should Norma Burke's actions be applauded, or is it an offence against the dignity of the office?

Deirdre O'Kane and Karl Deeter discussed this and some of the other stories making the news this week.

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