Well he did say he "got the shift off Amy Huberman"

You'll know Mr McGahern from his days of hosting the Republic of Telly, his stateside documentray Kevin McGahern's America, cameos in Hardy Bucks plus Alison Spittle's Nowhere Fast and of course, his years of making people lol with his stand-up shows across Ireland.

Well now Kevin has a new role where he plays a cardiovascular doctor in Amy Huberman's new sitcom, Finding Joy

Speaking on Dermot and Dave, the Cavan man stunned us with the ludicrous claim that he "got the shift off Amy Huberman", which was said with a very serious look in his eyes. 

Before we had a chance to call for extra security in the building (for when Brian O'Driscoll came bursting through the door), Kev giggled saying, "She said Brian's class at rugby but you're class at shifting". Brave words buddy!

He loves working on the project even though admitting, "I actually auditioned for a bigger part", "there's a great cast and I think that she did a great job with it".

You can check him out in full swing at this year's Vodafone Comedy Carnival in Galway, where he'll be performing his new Yurty Talks chat show, which he says "is like Parkinson but with less preparation". 

He also chats about the highly rated Dublin Fringe musical he starred in Trials of the Centurys potentially coming back for more shows and how pal Karl Spain tried to sabotage his wedding and fended off 'The big dog of Nobber' at his stag party.

Never a dull moment in this fella's life I tell ya!

Check out the fun in full by pressing the play button in the image at the top of the screen.