Whether you’ve decided to walk away from your current role, or get back to work after some time away from the grind, there’s no doubt about it, trying to land your dream job can seem like a very daunting task.

However, there are a few tried and tested tips you can put into practice to give you a leg up on the career ladder.

Orla Donagher, Career Coach and founder of ‘Interview Tutor,’ joined Matt Cooper on The Last Word to run through the things people should be doing while job hunting for their dream role.

Before you send out your CV Orla says you should be checking and re-checking it to make sure you’re always putting your best foot forward.

  • Your CV needs to impact straight away, research shows when reading a CV a hiring manager takes just six seconds make up their mind about prospective candidates.
  • One size does not fit all. A tailored CV is much more effective and efficient. It is better to send 30 tailored CV’s over 100 generic ones.
  • Don’t make the reader dig around for the information. Always remember the six second rule.
  • Don’t leave them guessing over missing time periods, account for any gaps.

When you land an interview Orla says don’t try to wing it, spend time doing a detailed preparation

  • Show how you can add value to a potential employer and have a very clear points on
  • Why they should hire you? Why you want the job? These are different questions which candidates often mix up.

Use the power of Social Media to your benefit, over the last few years LinkedIn is used more and more by employers and recruiters and it’s best to have an all or nothing approach.

  • Fill it out in full and have a keyword in your job title e.g. accountant that has an fancy title e.g. financial liaison won’t come up in search
  • Make the opening paragraph make interesting and powerful and build up connections and endorsements

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