Professor Stephen Lea bursts the urban myth bubble

We all know dog's are our best friends (bar cat lovers), but are they really that much cleverer than the likes of farm animals or the aforementioned felines?

Well according to Professor Stephen Lea, who is a Professor of Psychology at Exeter University, they're "not as smart as we may think".

Speaking on the Dermot and Dave show on Today FM, Mr Lea revealed the results of their extensive research from over 300 papers, to illustrate where canines lie in the intelligence bracket. 

They have discovered there are various groups of animals who are similar in their ways, as he told us, "pigs and goats are surprisingly smart". But sure have you ever watched the movie Babe?

When it comes to cats, he says they have "spent thousands of years living alongside people learning how to exploit our weaknesses". I always knew they were evil!!!

The bottom line is that our pooches are indeed very bright, but not Mensa in comparison to other animals. Still, I'm yet to play fetch with a goat.

Catch Stephen's chat in full by pressing the play button in the image at the top of the page.