She chatted to Fergal on the release of her second album

"This album sums up everything I've been through in the last few years, being in between"

Jess Glynne opened up to Fergal D'Arcy on his show today about accepting that life isn't always going to go down the road you think it is. Her new album 'Always in Between' is out today and she spoke about what it's like living with two lives - "I have a life in the spotlight and my private life that is my own. It's taken me a few years to find that balance."

Speaking about Mental Health Awareness Day which took place on Wednesday she said "I didn't actually post on the day about it but I feel it needs to spoken about. With my music and my platform, I'm very fortunate to have a voice that a few more people can hear than the average person. We all suffer with mental health in our own way. In my music I'm not always ok which is important to say to help people know they are not alone."

Jess also announced today that she has been filming a documentary about her life for the past two years: