Coffee expert Buzz Fendall educates us on #AskMeAnything

There's always a buzz when you enter a top quality coffee shop - the hum of the grinder, the scent of roasted beans, customers taking a load off and the constant flow of people looking to get some hot liquids into them.

Well in The Bald Barista café on Aungier St, Dublin City, there's an extra buzz - Buzz Fendall, the owner. 

The coffee expert has been the purveyor of amazing coffee for the past 15 years here in Ireland, so he knows what it takes to create the perfect cuppa Joe!

Speaking on Dermot and Dave's #AskMeAnything, Buzz gave us his insight into the life of a barista, as the questions poured in.

"I love drinking coffee, I love people - two things go together so some idiot paid me for it", he laughed when asked how he got into the trade. We knew he was up for some fun from the word go.

Buzz revealed some of the strangest things he's been asked to make, the difference between the types of coffees you can order and how the beans are actually like a grape. A science really.

For the perfect coffee, he reckons "if you get the espresso right you're halfway there", and that it's all about the "velvety milk".

He also let us in on the secret to making these masterpieces:

And there was the ultimate debate - has coffee overtaken tea in Ireland??

Mrs Doyle would have a heart attack!!

Check out the chat in full by pressing the play button in the image at the top of the page.