Gallagher discusses his presidential campaign and what he has learned from 2011

Sean Gallagher was the final presidential candidate to speak to us on The Last Word ahead of this week's election.

As Gavin Duffy did earlier in the programme, Gallagher gave his thoughts on Ireland's approach to immigration.

"There are a lot of people coming from very poor, impoverished countries to try and make a living here, and isn't that what we were doing for centuries?"

"Ireland is a multicultural melting pot now. If we want to play on the global stage in business, arts, culture and sport, we need to embrace that diversity."

Speaking about what being Irish means to him, Gallagher said, "It means a sense of pride of place. It's the essence of who we are: fighters, strugglers, but also kind people. It's about relationships and the ability to communicate with other people."

Gallagher last ran for the presidency in 2011, and he addressed the notorious 'tweetgate' incident and how it affected his decision to run again this time around.

He also spoke about how he has spent the last seven years building a new business, and addressed fellow candidate Peter Casey's remarks that he doesn't like him: "Peter may not like me, but I went to visit him in hospital."

Gallager says he has studied the constitution for many years and doesn't accept that you must be a politician in order to be president. He also says: "I don't believe that the president can't be involved in trade, jobs and helping rural Ireland."

"I can't influence the past. I can only help shape the future."

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