'I've always believed that if you treat people with compassion, dignity and respect, then you'll get it back'

Former world champion boxer Andy Lee is one of Ireland's most popular sportsmen.

His new autobiography, Fighter, co-written with Niall Kelly, tells the story of his career. They both joined Matt on The Last Word to talk about the book.

Andy describes the feeling of being in the ring as "the greatest feeling I've ever felt, but it's probably the most exposing situation you can be in."

Being around for his wife and baby was a factor in his retirement, and as a result of keeping busy, making the adjustment hasn't been too difficult.

"I have the satisfaction of having done what I wanted in the sport. I'm very fortunate and very satisfied with the way things have gone."

Niall says working with Andy on the book was an opportunity he couldn't turn down: "I knew him to be a remarkably interesting individual with an interesting story."

Born in London to Irish parents, Andy comes from a traveller background. He says his experience as a traveller in Ireland has been positive.

"I've always believed that if you treat people with the compassion, dignity and respect that you want from them, then you'll get it back."

"People are individuals, not stereotypes. I don't want to be a spokesperson for anybody — I only represent myself. But I will set an example for any young traveller to show that there's a different way of life and I can be a positive role model."

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