Thomas Chipperfield's been working with big cats since he was 12-years-old

Personally, I ain't a cat man. Never have been. But I do see their beauty, especially when it comes to the bigger species. 

One man who has spent his whole life surrounded by these majestic creatures is big cat tamer Thomas Chipperfield.

Thomas is a member of the world famous Chipperfield's circus dynasty, and with a 300 year performance history running through his veins, he knows how to handle his trade. 

Speaking on Dermot and Dave's #AskMeAnything, the fearless tamer reveals how he started his apprenticeship when he was only 12-years-old, and gives us some insight into one of the world's most unique professions. 

He also answers loads of our listener's questions, like how does one actually train a lion? To which he jokingly replied, "keep your animals well fed". 

And when asked how tame they can get, he says, "Incredibly tame - in the sense that anyone who knows what they're doing with the animals can have an amazing relationship with them". 

I still wouldn't fancy putting my head in one of their gobs though.

Balls of steel Thomas!!

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