Ed Smith chats music, radio, parties and more with Johnny Borrell

Johnny Borrell's Razorlight are back with a new album, tour and perspective on the era that was the 00s. 

Think about it, there was no social media, no instagram, no twitter, no instant reactions. Johnny and David chat with Ed Smith about the era just prior to the social media revolution and how it was perhaps easier to make music, certainly easier to avoid distractions. 

Johnny talks about playing guitar 10 hours a day with the band, hanging out in Camden and recording demos one week, then appearing on Top of the Pops the next. 

In the interview Ed references the Adam and Joe from XFM in the UK. If you want to have a listen to their podcasts from back in the day, here you go - The Adam and Joe Show Podcast

Click Above for the full session including America and Carry Yourself from the new album 'Olympus Sleeping' and the full interview. (We had to edit some for on air but on line you get the full shebang!) 

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